Sunday 24 January 2010

Buying Gold

I made the decision to buy gold last week. At the close on Friday gold had come off its highs to be at $1091.50. In British pounds gold was off its November peak by about 5%. The buy was not big. I nibbled by transferring about 0.6% of my total retirement investing assets from cash held in British pounds.

So when weighing up the buy what were the pro’s that I could come up with:

1. My desired low charge portfolio has an asset allocation dedicated to commodities and more specifically to gold of 5%. As I highlighted on Monday my current low charge portfolio mainly through contributing around 60% of my gross earnings towards my retirement investing strategy had seen my actual gold holdings reduce to 2.6% portfolio. This was too low.

2. Gold in 1980 reached a real monthly average price of $1,728.

3. It looks as though inflation may be among us with the RPI leaping to 2.4%. My personal feeling is that the Bank of England will not raise interest rates to counter this so I am thinking I may need more inflation protection than I already have.

The con’s that I could come up with were:

1. I hadn’t bought gold for some time as my analysis showed that if gold was following the trend line it would have a real price of $630.

2. The average real (after inflation) price for gold since 1968 has been $599. This suggested that gold had a good chance of returning to trend in the long term.

As always DYOR.

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