Monday 7 January 2013

Posting the Quarterly Roundup on Monevator (Again)

There is no post today as I’m guest posting over on Monevator what is now a regular quarterly feature – The Monevator Private Investor Market Roundup.  The Roundup reviews various global markets over the last quarter and is in my usual non-emotional (well not too much emotion) fact based analysis and today covers equities, UK housing and commodities.  Some of the content is unique to the Roundup and is not available on Retirement Investing Today.

If this is of interest (and you are not a regular reader of Monevator) here is the link to The Monevator Private Investor Market Roundup for January 2013. ( ) While you’re there you might want to subscribe to Monevator via email, RSS, Twitter or Facebook as the team over there really do make a lot of sense.

As always it would be great to hear your thoughts.


  1. Hi RIT, these Monevator updates are welcome. You're the stats king! Look forward to your results and movement towards retirement.

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for the support. In addition to pushing me personally to Early Retirement I can confirm the analysis is now most definitely a very enjoyable hobby. I can't think of anything better - securing my future and having fun.